I’m a Welsh girl living in London. I’m into pencil skirts, leopard print and pineapples. I’m also patiently waiting for a flamingo emoji.

Here you will find my ramblings about my new gluten-free life, and when that gets boring I’ll ramble on about anything . I’m writing this blog though, not just to ramble, but as a way to engage with the gluten free community and as a means to navigate my new and slightly daunting journey. I have no friends, family or colleagues who are gluten free and I haven’t found any decent books about it so I’m out here winging it alone. Hence the term “glueless”.

In 2016 I suffered a lot of unexplained pain, headaches, bloating, “bathroom troubles” and an inability to think clearly. I was breaking out in clusters of mouth ulcers and had a yeast overgrowth all over my skin. Test after test came back clear. After some reading online and after all the professionals thought it was Coeliac Disease (but thankfully wasn’t), it was recommended by my GP to try to cut out the gluten, and what do you know, I felt an immediate relief. All my symptoms had gone within a couple of days. I’d wasted about 6 months with no zest to my life when all I needed to do was tweak my diet.

In 2017 my goals were to seek a state of vitality. That’s right – I wanted to return to being strong, active and full of energy. In 2018 I’m looking to continue to chase this goal. I plan on achieving this by leaving work on time, taking a taking daily multi-vitamin and probiotic, eating a balanced and varied diet and my making time for regular exercise. I’m also going to spend more of time/money on myself – getting my nails done, buying that expensive candle and eating that dime bar. All in all, nurturing body and soul.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I really look forward to reading comments and welcome any constructive feedback.

Sioned xx

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. ~T.S. Elliot
    I can’t wait to see where your Glueless journey will take you!

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  2. Hi Sioned. Well done with starting your blog. I now look forward to reading your frequent and interesting comments on gluten free food. Honest!


  3. Firstly – what a very lovely photo of you!! Secondly – excited to hear about your gluten free journey and hooray for you feeling better 🙂 I do know some people who eat gluten free if you want to chat to them but somehow I think you may be finding this voyage much wider than just diet.

    Be kind to yourself


  4. As you embark on this gluten-free journey, let me wish you a wonderful trip! There is a lot of information out there now, so you will be able to eat well and be well. Good luck on your blog too. 🙂


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