Glueless about Schär..

Whether you are new to gluten-free living or are an old hand, Schär is pretty much a port in a storm. Stocked at all major supermarkets; their range of products, from bread to waffles,  is my go-to. Here’s a quick round-up of my favourites…

Wholesome Loaf – Bread that is perfect for toast. It’s low fodmap and lactose free too. My only criticism is the amount of plastic used in the packaging

Hamburger buns – The best I have tasted. Firm on the outside, soft in the middle and does not break into pieces when cut. No BBQ is complete without them anymore

Choc Chip Buns – These are a brioche type bun filled with chocolate chips. Perfect heated up slightly and served with coffee whilst wearing fluffy slippers

Chocolate shorts – (see main image) a crisp sweet biscuit with a lovely plain chocolate. Excellent for dunking

Mini Dippers – (see main image) new to the range, these are perfect for (big) kids.

Waffles – Brilliant toasted, can be served sweet or savoury. Why bother making your own when you can buy them this good?

Mix it! Flour – This is a universal flour for sweet or savoury baking. Use it any which way. I made croissants using this flour, see my earlier post if you fancy replicating

Pain au chocolat – see my recent post about these. Get them from Ocado for your freezer

Have you tried anything from Schär that you would recommend? Would love to hear from you in the comments

Catch up soon

Sioned x

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