Glueless about Pringles..

That first gluten-free Christmas when you are looking for familiar snacks and Pringle’s are on every advert, every supermarket shelf but are full of gluten and are out-of-bounds, remember it? I do, it sucked.

I’ve only gone and found a couple of gluten-free alternatives to recommend. I’ve only actually tried the green ones, if you have tried these in other flavours please let me know what you thought in the comments.

Snackrite Stackers (left on main image), Aldi 89p

These are in Aldi’s main range of crisps and the price is permanently this low. I can’t actually taste any difference between these and The Pringle. They have the same flavour and snap, just without the gluten. The packaging suggests they are perfect for sharing, hilarious.

Snacktastic Stacking Potato Snacks (right on main image) Lidl 90p

These are in Lidl’s main range of crisps and the price is also permanently this low. The taste on these are pretty similar to The Pringle but they are much thicker without the snap. You may like this though, especially if you are using them to scoop up a dip (Jane, I’m looking at you here).

Verdict: I like both, will eat both and recommend both. The Aldi has the edge here though.

Sioned x


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