Glueless about pastries..

After a rather long leave of absence, I’m back and writing about one of my favourites..pastries! In the 46 months (yes, I’m counting) since I have changed my diet to exclude gluten, the mass market for these items seems to have boomed. Some are great, some are not so great. All can be frozen and all are a little small. Here’s my verdict:

Main image: Cinnamon Bun by Fria. 4 for £3.50

These are available from Ocado and are frozen. They are also lactose free. They are ready baked and ready to eat so you just need to leave them to defrost for a couple of hours.  Lovely soft pastry and great cinnamon flavour,  any freezer is lacking without them. I’d recommend gently heating them up in the oven for the hygge factor. My favourite!!

Clockwise from main image: Schar Pain Au Chocolat. 4 for £3.40

Again, an Ocado freezer find. These are also ready baked but not ready to eat so go straight from frozen into an oven heated to 200c, for 9 minutes. They are rather small so I would suggest 2 as a serving. I’d also suggest a longer time in the oven at a much lower heat as the recommended bake causes them to burn and well, it’s a pricey mistake that could cause you to lose half the packet. Keep an eye on them once in the oven like they do on Great British Bake Off . If baked correctly, they are a flakey but slightly heavy pastry with a decent but sweet slab of chocolate. I can’t find any other pain au chocolat on the mass market so I’ll keep buying these until something better comes along.

Centre left image: Croissant by Marks & Spencer. 2 for £2.50

I had really high hopes when these were released, ever since Genius discontinued their croissant, there are no other gluten free croissants on the mass market. I was frankly disappointed. Small (so that you need to eat both but then you are still hungry), spongy and not buttery at all. These need heating up and by adding more butter and some blueberry jam, they were alright.

Is a bad croissant better than no croissant? That’s for you to decide. Credit to M&S for giving it a bash, but I can’t recommend these.

Top left image: Chocolate Twist by Marks & Spencer. 2 for £.2.50

These look so pretty and impressive. It took me about 3 trips to my local M&S before I could find these in stock, popular as they are. Again these are not ready to eat and need heating up. The lovely thing about these are the chocolate chips and the “custardy” stuff, shame there was so little to be had. Sadly, the twists appear to be made from the leftovers from their spongy croissants (see my thoughts above). Again, I just can’t recommend these and actually I want the calories back!

Top right image: Apricot Danish Pastry by Marks & Spencer. 2 for £2.50

These were released by M&S at the same time as the croissant and chocolate twists. I hate to be negative when a company is striving to open up the gluten-free market, so I shall end my post on a more positive note. These were the best of a bad bunch.

The pastry on these was more buttery and less spongy. The apricot was a bit too tart and a bit stingy for my liking so I ended up adding my own apricot conserve on top of what was there. Much better.

Thanks for reading, if you have any supermarket pastry suggestions please let me know in the comments!

Sioned x

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