Glueless about Honest Burgers…

Hey everyone and welcome to what I think is my first restaurant blog post.

Honest Burgers is, you guessed it, a burger restaurant. It is predominantly London based and I’ve now been to a few different branches so can assure you that the food and service is consistent whether you are North or South of that river.

Honest Burgers is very popular amongst us gluten free folk, and with good reason too. You can have everything on the main menu (I’ve not yet had their brunch) . Every side dish and sauce is gluten free, the burger patties and chips are all gluten free and for £1.00 extra, you can have a gluten free bun.

Now I’ve only ever had the beef patties though you can pick from beef, chicken or vegetable and pimp your patty from there. They also have regular specials and very recently I managed to snaffle a hotbox special of beef, pulled pork, bbq sauce, pink onions and cheddar. My favourite though is the good old ‘Honest’ – a classic cheese and bacon burger. The burgers themselves come pink and are cooked to order so you can request your preference when ordering.

All burgers are served with rosemary salted chips, so delicious but so salty therefore do ask for tap water for the table. The Honest burger, pictured, is a very reasonable £10.95 plus £1.00 for the gluten free bun. You will be hard pushed to find anything cheaper in central London at this quality.

It wouldn’t be an Honest trip without a portion of onion rings. The portion has about 5 very large rings for £3.95. The batter has a hint of cayenne, paprika and onion seeds for a bit of oomph. They are honestly (sorry, I couldn’t help it) some of the best onion rings I have ever tried, even BGF (before gluten free – let’s make this is a thing).

To complete your meal, you will need a drink. You can order a Daura Damm beer for £4.95 (standard London price), a cider for £4.95 or try a very reasonably priced ‘tin cup’ cocktail for £6.00.

The best thing about this place is that you get to order and feel completely normal. A bit like when you were BGF.

Here’s a link to their website though you can also find them on Facebook or insta

I’d love to hear if you have been and what you ordered the comments

Sioned x




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