Glueless about The Allergy Show 2017…

Hey everyone. Last weekend I attended The Allergy Show 2017 at London Olympia. This was sponsored by Schar and tickets were completely free! Yippee.

The show is for anyone with allergies, there were over 400 exhibiters. From my walkabout there, it mostly catered to food allergies, though there were a large number of stalls dedicated to skin allergies and also asthma and hay fever.

This was my first show and I had no idea what to expect, quite honestly I was a little overwhelmed. Firstly by the size of the place and the number of people (next time I will go bright and early), secondly by the offerings and thirdly by the volume of hot muscular men who were from the Crossfit community and looking for paleo options.

There were cashpoints, but go prepared as they will charge you £1.99 per withdrawal. Not cool. Most of the stalls appeared to accept card though. Take your own water too, otherwise its about £2.20 per bottle. Again, not cool.

I went as I wanted to try some new products and this was the perfect place to do that. There were samples everywhere! The exhibiters weren’t pushy at all and very happy to discuss their products.

Here are the items I bought which are in my fancy layout photo: Chocolate Turmeric latte powder (£5.00), Alt Brew from Autumn Brewing (£2.50 each), Juvela crispbreads (£2.00). So I didn’t buy much. I also didn’t buy any food there even though I was hungry, this was because there were barely any seats. I didn’t fancy a floor picnic with all the foot traffic. I hope they sort this out by next year because the Schar burger van and the fish and chips stall both smelt amazing!!

The other items in my fancy layout photo are freebies. La Roche-Posay, the French skincare brand that I have dabbled with over the years were there giving free face product prescriptions with samples in a pharmacy bag. So cool it made me forget about the cashpoint charge! They also very kindly put some SPF 50 on my face as it was unexpectedly sunny. The rest were from the Schar gift bag, one per person. The queue looked huge but went down very quickly. I was really impressed with the contents and there was at least £20 worth of products there, along with samples and coupons.

I spent about 90 minutes at the show. Going solo meant I was able to whizz around, but next year, my Mum fancies coming for a good mooch.  We’ll go early, with cash and probably finish up at the Fentimans gin bar if its there again.

There were also educational talks all weekend that were popular (again I hope they sort the lack of seating), cooking demonstrations and live music. You really could make a full day of it.

These shows are held 4 times a year – London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Berlin. You can find your next show here:

If you found any gluten free products there that you think I should try, please let me know in the comments below. My Instagram account is now public and mostly about (with the odd personal and balcony picture thrown in), I’d love it if you followed me and tagged me in any products you think I should try, or even stay away from! I’m @sionedldn

PS. Estrella were at the show with samples of their Daura Damm. I tried the new Daura Marzen double malt (in the black bottle) – wow it was lush. I’ve not seen it in the supermarkets but was told it is available at Ocado and Asda. If you see it in London please let me know!

Sioned xx


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