Glueless about bargains…

Unless you aren’t gluten free or have been away on a cruise (Hi Mum!), you’ll know its was recently Coeliac Awareness Week. And what a week it was to grab yourself a gluten free bargain. Be quick and you could still find yourself some deals.

In particular, a big shout out goes to Waitrose for their buy one get one half price deal and also to Tesco for their 3 for 2 deals.

If you set foot in Lidl, you’ll see the lingering remains of some promotions that are now reduced. This is where I come into my own. I found the Ilumi ready meals on offer for 2 for £1.99. Naturally I bought some for the store cupboard.

By far the best bargains I have found this week have been in The Aldi. You’ll see from the picture that I have taken today, the small haul I picked up when I went in to buy apples and cheese triangles. These are all promotional and whilst stocks last so you should hurry up if you want to get involved!

  • Gluten free Oaties (similar to Hobnobs or Nairns) £0.99
  • 750ml gluten free pale ale £2.49
  • Betty Crocker gluten free brownie mix £1.49
  • Betty Crocker gluten free devils food cake mix £1.99
  • 500g gluten free raisin and almond granola £1.99
  • Gluten free organic coconut macaroon dessert bar £0.79
  • Gluten free organic choco-walnut dessert bar £0.79

I also picked up a few new items that form part of the permanent range, I’ll add these to my Instagram and Facebook accounts with a quick review soon.

Let me know if you have tried any of these or if you have spotted any gluten free bargains that I must go out to try

Sioned xx



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