Glueless about being busy

Well I’ve been away from my blog recently, as I’ve been busy. Busy, but not productive hence why I have had a bit of a relaxed time recently to recharge my batteries.

After a bit of a recharge, my energy levels are still very low. It dawned on me that I have been telling myself that I am too busy or too tired to go to the gym so I come home and watch Netflix instead. I know that its a vicious cycle I will have to break and once I have, I’ll be back to bounding around again.

One thing that will help is my decision to join a gym closer to my home. The scary gym on my street looks very intimidating from the outside, I imagine it may well be what a men’s prison gym looks like but its close to home, so no excuses. Hopefully any male prison vibe will also mean that I have no shortage of spotters!

I have set myself a mini goal of losing 7lb this May. There is a new hashtag on Instagram for those also looking to either lose weight or get fitter this month that I’m going to be using too #slayingmay. And to start my slaying off well ( I really can’t get away with saying slay publically), I have a new food diary and I’m going to a Beyonce dance workshop with my mate Jane at Frame, Kings Cross. Its my first time there so wish me luck.

On a final note, I’ve been looking at a new protein powder as without one I will just snaffle on anything post work out. MyProtein now has a ‘Free From’ section that impressed and MuscleFood, as usual, just have a ridiculously impressive range. I am so tempted by their gluten free brownies and protein pizzas, but I think I will save these until I have slayed that 7lb! (I think I’m starting to pull off the word slay now)

I’ll be back to regular posts now I’ll have that energy back. If there are any topics or products you want me to post about, please feel free to get in touch

Sioned x

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