Glueless about the price of bread

Its been a controversial week for the Coeliac. Will your prescription be removed under proposed funding cuts? Is this a bad thing?

Personally, I don’t agree that gluten free pizza bases should qualify for a medical prescription.  I fully understand the additional cost that gluten free living brings, that said, it can be done on a budget with a little thought and planning.

If you want a pizza then forget ordering from somewhere like ‘The Hut’. In my experience, the £16.25 medium based pepperoni is only good for the bin. Goodfellas frozen pizza is about £3 and is by far superior, if a little difficult to slice up. Sainsbury’s also have their own frozen offering that is also about £3 and also very decent. A Pizza Express Margherita (from Sainsbury’s) is £4.25. And don’t forget, you can buy bases to make your own for a few £ or make a healthy alternative from cauliflower rice.

I’m currently saving up to renovate my bathroom. If you know me, then I’m sorry that I have become obsessed with talking about tiles. I’ve switched to shopping at The Aldi to help me save. Remember when planning your meals, you should ideally be using naturally gluten free items such as fruit, veg, meat, fish and then think about adding your carb. Think about natural carbs such as sweet potato, white potato and rice or quinoa before reaching for the expensive gluten free replacement product.

For fruit and veg, The Aldi is a great place to buy regardless of budget. Check out their super 6 , where each week 6 seasonal fruit and veg are just 49p each. I’ve been feasting on plums and purple sprouting broccoli this week.  Meat and poultry is mostly all British and is of great value and quality. There’s no gluten free bread option in my local store, but then I will buy a loaf of bread somewhere else and stick it in the freezer to use as needed. There are a few gluten free bargainlicious discoveries that I have to share with you:

  • buttered leek sausages (phwoar)
  • falafel (there’s a few flavours)
  • Hike protein bars (banana, chocolate and berry)
  • raw food bars (think Nakd bars but better!)
  • salted caramel chocolate ganache pots (my diet nemesis)

If you do eat a lot of bread then you may wish to consider investing in a bread maker. I’ve done a little research for you and would suggest Lakeland or consider looking for unwanted/unused gifts on Ebay. It will initially be a relatively expensive outlay, but in the long term this will pay off and you can also control the ingredients you put into your loaf.

The point to this post is, you can eat a full and varied diet and invest in your health without the necessity of a prescription allowance and without compromising on quality and taste.

Give The Aldi a try, with the exception of the queues I promise you will love it.

Have a great week

Sioned x

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