Glueless about Meh!

Hello everyone! (waves frantically) Welcome to Spring at last!

I’ve been absent recently as I have had a rather full timetable and a bout of food poisoning. That is behind me and its made be realise that I need to chill out a bit and that I can’t do or be everything to everyone. And hey, that’s ok.

I am not a chef, cleaner, interior designer, party planner, or supermodel but in I feel guilt when I am not up to scratch in my cooking, that my home isn’t vacuumed daily, that I still haven’t found the perfect print for my living room walls, that an event I organise doesn’t have everyone dancing on a table or that I haven’t yet hit my goal weight. It’s completely silly but I largely blame social media and the fake standards of perfection people ‘stage’.

I have recently felt very overwhelmed at work. I pretty sure that I am not the only one. This has meant that I have neglected my gym sessions, my ‘grooming’ (I use the term loosely as it largely involves brushing out knots from my hair) regime and social life. Have I genuinely got too much to do or am I not prioritising my work correctly? After all Beyoncé only has 24 hours in a day and she seems to have her s**t together.

This week I have made a daily list of my 3 most important/urgent tasks and I turned off my phone and email until these were completed. This really worked for me so I am going to stick to this until I can see the carpet in my office again.

Today I am utilising my Sunday well. My home is clean and tidy, my hair is washed and brushed, my gym bag is packed, my beef joint is in the oven and tomorrow’s lunch is about to be prepped. Suddenly I’m feeling all Beyoncé and so I will sit back, pour a gin and slimline and watch The Batchelor.

Have a blissful week

Sioned xx

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