*Product of the Week*

This week special mention has to be made to Options Hot Chocolate. My hygge comfort. My craving destroyer. My winter saviour.

So far, all the flavours I have come across are clearly marked gluten free, I’d always advise caution by checking your sachet.My favourites are the strawberry (please Options, make this flavour permanent), mint and orange.

These little beauties are about 30p each. At 39 kcals a sachet, they are both a price and diet bargain. Options also supports ethical cocoa farming. Big tick.

These sachets are really handy for stashing in your handbag, desk drawer or for packing for holidays or camping if you are that way inclined.

My little secret is use Options to make a quick mug cake. I’m still working on finessing a recipe but so far I whisk a sachet in a non-metallic mug with a splash of milk and 1 egg, then nuke for  1 minute. Voila! Bon Apetit. I’m not sure why I have gone all French.

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