Glueless about the Glow

This week I have noticed a shift in the weather, it’s not as dark leaving the house in the morning and it’s lighter coming home. It’s this time of year that the light shines on my face and I see how badly I have neglected my skin over the winter. All that candlelight does wonders to hide  my congested pores.

I need to give my skin a helping hand before everyone else sees the sunlight on my face and decide to take a step back. Skin is the largest organ of the human body, its therefore a massive indicator of The Vitality. It’s just been payday so I took a little trip to Boots.

First up is the cleanse. I live in London. My skin never truly feels clean here so I have decided to focus my efforts on extra cleaning. I already use a Clarisonic, it’s a must when you live in a city as a wet wipe just isn’t going to cut through the grime. I’ve decided to use the new Garnier Anti-Blemish Clarifying Tonic afterwards (approx. £4.00). Its a bit like a gel, it feels cool to the skin and really does pick up any excess filth. It contains witch hazel (to soothe)and salicylic acid to purify. So far, I’m so impressed with this product.

Next up is Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub (about £6). This stuff is the nuts. I use it in the shower. You wet your face, add a bit to your wet hands and gently massage. It activates with the water and dissolves onto your skin, gently exfoliating the surface. GENIUS!

Now to fake the glow until it naturally returns. Cult item from Clarins is Beauty Flash Balm (about £30), this brightens your face and fakes radiance. You can use it alone or as a primer under make up. Top tip from the beauty counter is to pat rather than rub onto skin. This is essentially youth in a bottle. Thumbs up here.

Last but not least is Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster (about £20). This fakes a healthy glow. This little beauty is a self tan serum, you add a few drops to your usual moisturiser and can dial it up or down depending on how dark you wish to go. It gives a natural, golden but gradual tan so there’s little risk of looking like you have escaped from Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I look a lot healthier with a tan but I don’t want the long term aging effects of the sun, this is my new go-to for a glow.

After a few weeks of care, I’m going to book in somewhere for a deep cleansing facial. If you have any salon recommendations in London that will help in my quest for The Vitality, I would love to hear them

Sioned x


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