*Product of the Week*

ALL of Knorr’s stock cubes are gluten free so there’s no need to stand in the aisle looking like a weirdo anymore whilst you check all the stock cube packets. The gluten free status is clearly labelled on the front of the packet.

From what I can see, the majority of the stock pots are marked gluten free too. I would suggest double checking what you are picking up is clearly marked as their gluten free product.

The stock cubes come in a range of flavours – beef, chicken, ham, lamb, fish and vegetable.

These stock cubes are really tasty, not too salty and are a British staple to add a bit of flavour to our meat and two veg. Knorr has some gluten free recipes on their website you may want to check out – http://www.knorr.com

Thank you Knorr


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