Glueless about indoor plants

This week I’m stepping away from all things gluten to write about my love of indoor plants. All the cool kids have these dotted around their homes at the moment, its by happy accident that my home is currently en vogue. I’m very lucky that my home overlooks a lush green park, but there’s nothing like bringing the outdoors in to boost The Vitality. That’s right. Not only are plants lovely to look at, they seriously help your well being.

Plants are so good for you, that I believe we should consider them a necessity to our daily well-being rather than just a passing trend for the home.

Here’s the facts:

  • Plants remove impurities from the air and so make it cleaner to breathe. This is proven by NASA folks (the Peace Lily came out tops FYI – try it is your bathroom to reduce mould spores and mildew)
  • Plants control humidity in your home. Why spend a fortune on a dehumfidfer when you can just own a house plant?
  • Plants absorb carbon dioxide and omit oxygen. We all learnt this at school. Remember that by owning house plants you reduce your carbon footprint
  • Plants can help heal you naturally. Just think Eucalyptus and Camomile. I keep an Aloe Vera in my kitchen for burns, insect bites and scrapes/grazes.

You needn’t spend a fortune on houseplants. My favourite places to bag a green bargain are Tesco (for succulents!), Marks and Spencer, Homebase, The Lidl and Columbia Road flower market.

I also grow herbs. These are prefect for a kitchen windowsill. Using herbs you have grown and nurtured in your cooking brings a great sense of achievement and meals cooked with love always taste better.

If you need some plant inspiration – check out the blog

What are you waiting for? Go plant yourself some health and happiness!

Sioned xx






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