Glueless about prepping

This week it has become very apparent to me that I must generally prep my life a bit more.  Sunday is the best day for this.

Today I have updated my diary so I know where I will be  each day this week. I’ve bought any birthday cards I need to send to avoid that last minute “oh crap” moment. I’ve added in my gym sessions so they are written down and I am committed to going. I even have my gym bag packed! (adjusts halo at this)..

More importantly though, after some bad food choices this week i.e. a Costa Coffee gluten free cherry bakewell in place of a lunch and dinner, I am planning and prepping my meals. I did a massive Tesco online shop yesterday. I’m typing this as I wait its arrival. This means that I am ready to take the week.

My standard jacket potatoes are in the oven, these will be wrapped in foil and refrigerated once cooled. I have lightly simmered some spinach gnocchi and made a tomato and herb sauce, whacked some mozzarella on top and stuck this in the oven. This will be placed in Tupperware and refrigerated once cool to provide a couple of lunches this week. Tonight I am delighted to say that I am trying the new Schwartz gluten free mixes  (please be in my Tesco delivery!!) and knocking up a chicken casserole. If Tesco let me down then it’ll be a shepherd pie loaded with veggies.

I’m planning to lose 10kg by this summer. I already have the bikini fear in February. Bikinis are worming their way back into stores already and they are looking smaller than ever. I’m aiming for a weight loss of 0.5kg per week. Slow and steady apparently wins the race. I’m not sure Usain Bolt would agree but I’ll keep telling myself this so I can keep drinking beer and wine. So you see, the planning and prepping is even more important to me if I’m to hit this goal.

I’m hoping this weight loss will help me achieve The Vitality. In the meantime, I have added a hair mask into my wash/condition/brush/stick a hat on routine. Charles Worthington Salon At Home Moisture Seal is the nuts. Its an overnight mask, but don’t worry, there’s no sticky residue for your bedding, it sinks right in. I just rinsed it the next morning before I washed my hair and it felt nourished and silky. The plus side to this product is that it costs about £6 for a 200ml bottle, its against animal testing, has no parabens, ammonia or peroxide. Trust me and buy it – Katrina I’m looking at you doll 😉

Have a lovely week, keep an eye out for my *Product of the week* out on Wednesday and also check out Glueless on Facebook if you have a moment

Sioned x





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